Thursday, May 05, 2011

Brady Campaign Sets You Up

Noodling around at the Br@dy website, having followed Sebastian's link to the massive fail there, I happened upon a statement that will get you in serious trouble if taken as fact:Yep, that's right: someone at the Br@dy Campa!gn thinks IL and WI are the two (two??) Constitutional Carry states. Ghu alone know where that hoplophobic nitwit thinks concealed carry is banned -- Vermont and Alaska, maybe?

This is so wrong it is as if they're hoping fools will fall for it and run afoul of Johnny Law.

(The piece misses on smaller details as well, like shall-issue/may-issue numbers.)

But -- speaking of "Illinois carry," that state's CCW bill is up for a vote in the House today. Keep those calls ringin' in, neighbors!

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Crucis said...

You forgot to add Arizona and recently, I think, Wyoming to the Constitutional Carry list.