Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fourth Amendment Protest Lightly Covered

At noon yesterday, Hoosiers rallied on the Statehouse grounds, protesting the recent "no right to resist unlawful police entry" ruling from our State Supreme Court ("60% dimwit by weight!")

AP had a bit about the protest on their wires that most media ran as sent; stories on most media websites weren't even updated for versions timestamped after the event. One local station sent a reporter and a cameraman; the Indy Fishwrap & Steam-Powered News covered it in a little more detail. I'd like to think the others did too, but there's no proving that with a Google search.

I guess it's not real news when Wookies do it? (Yeah, just keep on thinkin' that; this issue has legs way out of proportion to its actual effects).

"Hundreds" reportedly at the rally, not bad for a Facebook flash-crowd on a work day with storms forecast. I was sorry to see they spoke of removing Justice Steven David but seem to have given his fellow Constitutional criminals a pass -- all three need to be replaced with folks who won't attempt to rewrite protected rights.

Even the winning attorney, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, wants the court to think again; he never asked for the ruling and would just as soon the hot potato went back to the hands that baked it.


Anonymous said...

There are two more important protests to come:

1. the next General Assembly session in winter of '12.

2. the rentention vote of November of'12.

You are correct, the media underestimates the outrage over the Barnes decision.

Shootin' Buddy

Ruth said...

You know, there hasn't been much of any coverage of either the IN decision or the similer Federal SC decision in the national news. Its a bit scary, I keep waiting for analysis pieces or the like, or at least pieces that say "if you aren't hiding something....." but there's been almost nothing....

Nug Lutz said...

What is equally disconcerting as the media's apathy to grassroots groundswells is the appointment of a media czar in the Casa Blanca to "deal" with pesky media stories...

global village idiot said...

You may be pleased to know that the Times of Northwest Indiana carried the protest on the front page, above the fold.

I didn't look to see if they ran with the AP's copy or their own - but they did print the story.


Groundhog said...

I'm pleased to see you at least had a protest. A few hundred people isn't bad. This is the kind of thing the Lame Stream media would never cover anyway because they're for that kind of social re-engineering. These days you only hear about actual news through internet sources. It's very much similar to the underground printing presses of the 1770s. And yes, this isn't over by a long shot. They've severely miscalculated as well as violated their oath's of office.