Monday, May 09, 2011

Scooter Updates, Updated

Managed to find some bulbs that should work -- checked the brake light and it does. Changed the rear signals but have yet to test them, since I have had those covers off.

That leaves me with the instrument lights and headlight to find and the front signals to change, all of which require fairly major disassembly to get to. It will be street-legal again as soon as I get the front directionals working, at which point I'll do some test-rides to make sure the rectifier/regulator doesn't get wonky at cruising speeds.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you want to pay $228 for an aircraft voltage regulator, but this one has a "crowbar" feature which. If there's an over voltage situation, the regulator shorts the line to the field circuit breaker, blowing the fuse.

It also features a low voltage warning light to alert you that the alternator is not charging the battery.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the bad punctuation. Also, the link didn't come through in the last post for some reason.


og said...

WHat's a scope say? Is there some AC floating around in there? My Zuke rectifier showed a nice 13 volts, but on a scope, there was ALSO an occasional 200 VAC spiking around, whcih burned out all my bulbs- including the particularly difficult ones in the speedo.

Roberta X said...

Goodness, Og, I haven't powered up my 'scop in nearly 1o years.

I took the direct approach -- a two-mile ride last night, with (almost) enough lights to be legal (no front turn signals). It hasn't blown any of them out.

Still need to throw together an ammeter and have a look at charging current. I've got a little zero-center automotive meter around here somewhere, just need to find it and figure out the resistance needed to shunt it to +/- 1.5 or 2A.

og said...

Not having to fire up the scope is always a good thing. I have gotten rid of- now, three scopes, two big old teks (one an 8 trace) and now only have the small, more portable Hitachi unit. I have dreams of owning a Flook Scopemeter, but so far, nobody has offered to give me one, and the scopes I have have all been given to me. Plus, I only use mine on blue moons- and even then, only every other. Still handy for tuning old frequency drives, and of course, looking for AC where only DC should be.

WV: Varith. The usefullness of oscilloscopes varith.