Sunday, May 22, 2011

Recap: My Weekend

What I Did On My Non-Vacation by little Bobbi X, age...well, never you mind.

Friday: up at 12:30 am.
Work 4:30-9:00 am.
Dayton Hamvention round-trip and return, 9:00am - 9:30 pm, with sunburn.

Saturday: Up at 0600, brekky nineish at Zest (As Seen On [cable] TV, and should be even more so), a nice bike ride up to the Broad Ripple Art Fair (wait'll y'see the art I bought!) where we spent most of the day, home to enjoy hickory-grilled filet mignon, a splendid green salad (with heirloom tomatoes, brimming with flavor and vitamins) and papaya for supper. Nodded off some and fell asleep early.

Today, up at 0600 again, bicycled to Good Morning Mama's (just fruit and an English muffin for me), off to Marion County Fish and Game where we each got in several magazines and then a pouring thunderstorm rolled through, dumping something like a 1/2" of rain in fifteen minutes and rolled right back out; but by then it was time to reclaim my car and prepare for the BlogMeet.

The rain looked like perhaps it was going to hold off, so we bicycled there. A good crowd there: Joanna, Old Grouch, Tam, The Jack, Mad St. Jack, Turk Turon and yr. crspndt. Food was good and the conversation was wide-ranging and excellent! As we sat beneath the awning, it rained again but by the time everyone departed, the sun was back out for our trip home.

Some three days! 'Pon our return, Turk and I investigated The Tewb: still 500 channels of Not So Much, but we found something. I kept nodding off (even in the middle of an alien invasion!) and by golly, I'm gonna toddle off to dreamland about as soon as I finish this post.

Which would be now.


Tango Juliet said...

Can't wait for the movie! :)

Nathan said...

I had my day planned out so I could be at the 'meet, but my wife foxed me -- she took the 1:30 bus from Chicago instead of the 3:30 bus, and I had to go pick her up earlier than I thought.

Next month looks open every Sunday except the 26th.

Roberta X said...

We'll schedule to avoid it, Nathan!