Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Shootin' Club!

It's official, Tam and I have joined up at Marion County Fish & Game!

They have made a number of improvements since last we shot bowling pins, like two (2!) brand-new bays with nice high berms and a (controlled-access) washroom you don't need a clubhouse key to get to.

(Snicker all you like - I considered the dire port-o-lets at Eagle Creek a huge negative, especially compared to IMPD's nice inside plumbing, off-limits to unbadged taxpayers).

Sadly, the fishing pond has shrunk, thanks to a nearby apartment complex: they made themselves a lovely catchment pond at a lower level and the two...equalized. I was never much for fishing -- childhood expeditions with Dad were an excuse to drink otherwise-forbidden coffee and annoy crawdads, who tended to annoy right back.

The best thing of all is that MCF&G has a nice schedule of activities -- and with Indiana's "guns locked in your car" law, I have half a chance of even getting to attend evening events.


Ed Skinner said...

If/When I make it to the area, I'll have to check out the club; they're shooting my kind'a competition (Bullseye 2700) on the 14th. And I see they're shooting the International format this Sunday. Both forms are focused on accuracy. Bullseye tends to be an older crowd but with many exceptions. International, on the other hand, is what you'll (rarely) hear about in the Olympics.
Some really nice folks tend to shoot both sports.
(I've added the range to my "travel clubs" list. Thanks for the post and links!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, capital improvements at MGF&G!

As the club is over 100 years old I thought it would shivel up and die.

Good news indeed.

Shootin' Buddy

Noah D said...

Are there any ranges that allow you to draw and shoot? Or is that restricted to certain events only?

Old Grouch said...

OT- Did the blogmeet date just change, or am I confused again?

Roberta X said...

It did. It did, it most certainly did and I might not even make that one. I screwed up enormously scheduling my May vacation, which was supposed to be the week of the Dayton Hamvention and is not. And Turk was (is) coming out to visit that week.

Plus, at this point I am "in the barrel" the Hamvntion weekend, with an early shift Friday and mandatory overtime Saturday. I'm trying to swap my way out of that, which will take a whole lot of luck.