Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Talking To The TV

Reporter (struggling to ad lib a breaking story live on the scene, someone's house blazing away in the background): "Firefighters say everyone in the house got out in time. Paramedics are still treating four people in the fire."

Me: "They should get 'em out of the fire, first! 'Lady, there's your problem' Sheesh!"

It really is harder than it looks -- but not as difficult as they make it look sometimes. (And the treated people were, in fact, well away from the burning building).


ZerCool said...

Dammit, take the high-flow oxygen OUT OF THE BURNING BUILDING. Sheesh.

Frickin' Ambulance Drivers - can't beat common sense into 'em with a two-by-four.

Anonymous said...

People probably just get excited sometimes.

Mike James

rickn8or said...

Sportscasting even more difficult: "Uh, oh. Kowalski's broken his nose. Looks like the same nose he broke last year."