Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Rush out the door to pick up a sealed motorcycle battery and charge it in a hurry so I can ride the Yamaha to work and not have to contend with parking a block away 'cos of some client event? Or beg Tam for a lift to/from, or just grit my teeth and do the difficult thing like a grown-up?

(Plan D: ride my bicycle! But that would be teh suxxor if it rains, also calls for tripping through a bad neighborhood, "unarmed." So to speak. Plus if it's a tough day, it'd be a super tough ride home, uphillish all the way.)

But geesh, I hate the long walk from the temp lot. It's not that great an area, which is why Skunk Works Main Campus has a high, bobwired (as we say) security fence and cardreader gates with cryptic warnings. ("AVISO: SHOGGOTH IN USE!" "PORTAL MAY OPEN RANDOMLY. STAND CLEAR" "THAT WAS MY LUNCH, DARN YOU." Heck, it looked like axle grease to me.)...Which randomness reminds me, if the fast food industry only exists to tempt us with the sugar and fat we crave, how come my chilled mixture of brown sugar and butter has never taken off as a snack food? Heat it up, stir it up, cool and enjoy. Everything you long for and no annoying healthy extras! Oh, well. Maybe it needs lard.


Justthisguy said...

Lard is good. Pemmican is good, too.

Stranger said...

Lard and brown sugar reminds me of Minnesota's German settlements. They like lard instead of butter, and a lot of it. Lard on black bread with bacon. Yummmm!

The incidence of heart disease? Low. The diet faddists blame it on genetics. So howcome the Atkins diet drops LDL and increases HDL?


Ken said...

Must be nice to be allowed to run servitors in the city limits (or anywhere in the lower 48, for that matter).

Now I know what really happened to Terre Haute, not the sanitized version we got in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid! :-P

Guffaw in AZ said...

Because you forgot the cinnamon (and BACON!)

Billll said...

My wife calls cream cheese lard, so there may be something to that mix.

Discobobby said...

Your skunk works has a lot in common with mine. But when the amber light flashes, we're supposed to "run until you can't hear the horn anymore. Then keep running."

Davidwhitewolf said...

My favorite warning signs, from good old Robert Anton Wilson:

"Do Not Throw Cigarette Butts in the Urinal / For They Are Subtle and Quick to Anger"


"Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Wizards / It Makes them Soggy and Hard to Light"

Always wanted to have that pair made and posted someplace, just for the enjoyment of the two of us who've read Masks of the Illuminati.

Roberta X said...

DavidWW: Splendid!