Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Miss The Royal Wedding?

Fear not; though this years official dates have yet to be announced, you've plenty of time to plan ahead for the Swan Upping during the third week of July. And it's far more useful to the general population, really; swans will brighten the day of a lot more people (or chase them in the manner of geese) than a Royal Prince and his bride, though I'll admit they're a lot less likely to save you after your boat sinks or your drilling platform goes wonky.

Alas, the Queen and her lot no longer eat swan; haven't for years and years, though the fowl were at one time held to be delicious. But they're still keeping count, so you'd better not, either.

1 comment:

Awelowynt said...

And suddenly I have a craving for swan.

Add one more thing on the list of meats to try. This one fits after lion.