Thursday, May 19, 2011

Real Coffee, A Dollar A Day

Y'know the "buy in bulk and save" enticers you ignore? Sometimes it's true. I received a huge bag of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (IMO, the best there is) about five months ago, came to the end of it and looked for more from the source. For an eight-cup pot every morning (and two on Sundays), it works out to about a buck a day! Fresh-ground. Brewed in a proper Chemex.*

And how much are you paying for one cup at Famous Name Coffee Shop? Heh!

I take mine with cream(er) and sugar -- the latter, the real thing. (One of the bigger brands makes their own cola!)
*Or, sometimes, a vacuumatic. Why? 'Cos either one makes great coffee, fast.


Carteach0 said...

I order my beans on Amazon, and grind fresh every morning. Works out to about the same buck a day.... for a 12 cup pot of excellent coffee.
Lazy man that I am, I use an antique type percolator, although the machine itself is new.

Buying from Amazon, I can try different premium coffees as I wish. The Jamaican blue mountain is a favorite. Just now I am test-sipping some Canadian 'Kicking Horse' organic blend. Fall back.... old fashioned Eight O'Clock brand, like my grandparents had.

Anonymous said...

The only thing better is drinking Blue Mtn sitting on the beach in Jamaica first thing in the AM. That was where I first tasted it and have been hooked since.


Ruth said...

We order ours online too (though not from Amazon, Berre Brothers actually because we like flavored coffee, if you do too you need to try their Highlander Grog), and its so much cheaper than buying it from DD on my way to work (not to mention tastes better than buying it from DD). I havent sat down to figure out the price per cup, but I'll be surprised if its any more than that $1 per cup.

Nathan said...



(Sorry...the whole idea of flavored coffee just sets me off :) )

og said...

I have been drinking a&p 8 o'clcok coffee since I started drinking coffee. I like the taste of it. I grind it fresh every morning, and make it in a drip coffeemaker. I used to use a stainless vacuum coffeemaker, but you just can't find the seals for them anymore, so mine now mostly gets used as a funnel.

My coffee costs me around a buck a week. I use real cream, heavy whipping cream, that is, and real sugar, when I use cream and sugar.

John A said...

(One of the bigger brands makes their own cola!)
Oops, I thought you meant coffee - the supermarket (Stop and Shop) used to carry a carbonated black-coffee drink made by a small, not large, company and I miss it, alas have forgotten the name.

This was a while back (a decade?}. Not sold as an "energy drink" or at "frappucino" prices, it was sold with and at the same price as, say, Coke or Pepsi.

Joanna said...

I get coffee at World Market for around $9 a bag. Whole bean, ground in-store, transferred to a cheapo-brand coffee can at home. Lasts a good three weeks, and after five bags, the sixth is free. (Double points if I buy on Wednesdays!)

Justthisguy said...

I believe that, in "The Mote in God's Eye" Jamaica Blue Mountain is reserved strictly and only for the use of the Imperial Houshold.

Jim said...

The glass jugs from home-brew places are very convenient for storing beans in a well-sealed manner; a half-gallon jug will hold a pound, and a kilo will fit into a gallon jug. I got one of each with lids and change back from a $20.

(Never mind that their narrow necks are convenient for trickling out beans if you dose them by weight.)


Drang said...

@Justthisguy: And here and now JaBluM is effectively reserved for rich Japanese.
You can sometimes find coffee that is grown lower on the slopes of Blue Mountain, tastes just as good, costs half as much.

We've been using a Keurig "K-Cup" single cup brewer for a while now; one advantage over other single cup brewers is that it comes with a dingus which lets you brew a cup of your own grounds. No JaBluM available in K-Cups, but...

Bonus: In what SF novel did Blue Mountain--the geographical feature--play a significant role in the backstory of the hero?

Ruth said...



You just need to try the GOOD stuff lol

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

Our local coffee shop roasts in-house. I'll usually pick up a pound of their espresso blend. If it's for work, I have them grind it; if it's for home, I get whole-bean and grind it myself. It's currently running $13/lb, but it's worth every penny.

We have a nice Bunn home-model machine at work (guess who picked it out when our old coffee maker died? :D ). Now all I have to do is wean the bosses off of the Starbucks drek, and then get them to actually put enough coffee in the filter basket so that it's not over extracted (I think I almost have them trained on that second part - almost).

And I'm with Nathan - Coffee already has flavour. It tastes like coffee!

unix-jedi said...

Got a T.J. Maxx nearby?

They've got JBM for $7/pound, usually, but sometimes I find it on sale cheaper than that.

I can't tell the difference between that and the more expensive ones.

SpeakerTweaker said...

SeƱora X,

I caught this post back when you wrote it, and the whole Chemex thing stuck in my head for a while. After having hand-drip coffee from a buddy (what a similar concept), I decided to splurge on the Chemex.

Well, as luck would have it, before I got a chance to order one, The Wifey spotted the 40oz. version in World Market here in San Antonio. They even stock the special filters.

Huzzah! Getting some coffee from a local shop this afternoon. I'll let you know how it turns out!