Saturday, May 07, 2011

Who Let The Prawns Out?

Who? Who?

--Ya big ol' shrimp.


Carteach0 said...

Speak'n of which.... I just picked up a pound of Big 'Ol Raw Shrimp (tm)to roast on the coals this evening. I'm thinking of an olive oil/garlic marinade with a dusting of Old Bay.


Ed Skinner said...

In Hong Kong after appetizers, you go to the kitchen and examine the fish tanks and animal cages to select your main course. (Don't put your hand in the snake cages that are closed for good reason.) I selected some very large "prawns", two of them, and had them broiled. The tails were straight and about 6" long. My host was delighted when I declined to "suck the head" and gave them to him instead.
But my wife calls shrimp the "cockroach of the sea" and won't touch them.
In the deep south, they make some wonderful dishes with crawdads but, again, I can't bring myself to "suck the head".