Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Morning To You, Good Morning To You

Woke up to Tam's cat, Random Numbers ("Rannie Wu") , being all lovey-dovey. This is not her usual attitude to me....unless I am sleeping in a nice warm bed on a coolish morning, in which case The Cat Loves Me.

I like the smoothing and purring but, Rannie being Rannie, she also chews on my hair and grooms the pine headboard, the latter a big, sounding-board slab of wood: "rrrrasssp, rrassp..." Unnerving!


Peter said...

It probably has something to do with today's purported Rapture. She's defending you from the angels!


LabRat said...

Nothing makes a friendly cat like a chill in the air.

I know we need to turn up the heat or make a fire when Zydeco is insisting on sitting in my lap stuffed up against the keyboard...

Drang said...

I occasionally wake up having my legs held down by Sparrowbane, one arm held down by The Princess, and Ratbane is nomming my hand so I will skritch his ears.
What would we do without them?