Sunday, January 05, 2014

0900 And A Quarter-Inch

You see this here?  This here is some snow, Mr. Gore.
     Bringing the total to a nice even 3.5".

     This is a very wet, heavy, sticking snow.   It's too heavy for the snowblower and may be too heavy to shovel for very long at a time.

     When the deep freeze hits, this stuff is going to become a solid mass.  I'm giving serious thought to moving my car around front, as the alley may become impassible.  I'd say, "I can walk to the store," except when it hits -15 (wind chills of -45 or worse), I probably can't. Oh, my, the fun we have! 

     My sibs and I are all on "Mom X Alert," in case she loses electricity.  She says she'll just build a fire in the fireplace, and we're all invited to stop in and get warm if we lose power.  Yes, that's my mother, all right.

     Shot out the kitchen window:

     Out the back door -- and I just swept that walk an hour ago!
     The streaks and blobs of white?  Great clumps of snow, drifting down like tiny, white anvils.


JayNola said...

Far be it from me but your scale rule is measuring deciliters?

Roberta X said...

Why, could it be? (That took longer than I thought! ...Deciliters, centimeters, some darn heathen scale. ;) (Note the paper itself is metric ruled).

JayNola said...

As long as it isn't calibrated in iambic pentameter. The conversion involves Old English eye of newt and you can't export it anymore.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

More efficient, more accurate, more universal, too! It's good for our economy, our country and for YOU! Take 10!