Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside

     And not in any cute-1940s-duet way either; it's just blamed cold: 3 degrees, 30 mile an hour winds (with gusts overnight as high as 50!).  Get stuck outdoors in this stuff and you're at risk for frostbite almost before you start to feel cold.

     The sirens never stopped running last night.  Between slick-frozen roads, space-heater mishaps and trees falling before the combination of temperature and wind speed, emergency services have not lacked work.

     The Midwest isn't Hell -- but at the right time of year, you can buy a bus ticket to the coldest circle from here.


Joe said...

It is cold, but any film clip of Esther Williams has to warm your heart.

Rob K said...

Talk about wind. We put out 2 trash cans yesterday in early afternoon before the wind really got going. This morning when I left for work, there was but one left at the end of the drive. Hopefully I can find the other caught in the one remaining fence-line down at the county line.

Paul said...

You can walk there from here. Part of the year is pretty much heaven, I supposed we have to have the offset for part of the year as well.

LCB said...

I just heard that the Indy governor has closed all City and State offices tomorrow. WTFrack?

To me, this is a "normal" winter. We've just been spoiled the last 10 or so years.

Is it because goobernment workers don't know how to dress for the cold??? Or parents don't have enough common sense to put real winter coats on their kids???

Or am I just being a grumpy old man???

Roberta X said...

-10F, not exactly "normal." Or at least it wasn't when I was young and Nixon ran the Free World. They made a big deal out of the rare below-zero weather. They still do. I hear up around Ft. Wayne, it's a bit different.

Rob K said...

This is not normal in my 40 years, short as that may be. This is pretty far to one end of the bell curve in my experience.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse, actually.

Location is Eagle Butte, SD. She's an Episcopalian priest who covers a circuit of four (I think) small churches on the Lakota reservation. The one she ends up at here is the one next to which she lives.


Roberta X said...


LCB said...

Or am I just being a grumpy old man???

Ok...maybe I'm just a grumpy old man with memory problems. :-)

I remember being outside in -25 degree temps in the 90's. (That was probably wind chill...but still.) Driving a fork truck in and out of a building when it's that cold isn't much fun.

And I remember when the Cincy Bungles beat up the Chargers at Riverfront Statium. The owner of the Chargers tried to get the game delayed because it was so cold. None of our 3 vehicles would start.

And I remember the winters of 76/77 and 77/78.

Maybe I'm just taking those as "normal" because they stick the most in my memory. :-)