Saturday, January 18, 2014

Flag Controversy: The Rest Of The Story

     You may remember the fuss from 2009, when an 89-year-old decorated WW II veteran was told by his Home Owner's Association that he had to take down the flagpole where he flew the U. S. flag -- even though the HOA had no rule against flagpoles.  They wanted to stop him for "aesthetic reasons."  (Whatever that means -- it's difficult to imagine how a plain flagpole in one's own yard could be "unaesthetic.")

     The story went national and as you might expect, he eventually won.

     But did you know how then-Tech Sergeant Van T. Barfoot earned his Medal of Honor -- or that he was of Choctaw ancestry

     Colonel Barfoot passed away in 2012, at the age of 92.


Bobby said...

...all that, Then to have some no count tell him not to fly his flag.

Be like Barfoot, If you dare.

Jason said...

He faced three Tiger tanks with a bazooka. That takes serious balls. Godspeed to him.