Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 2: My Spacecraft Continues To Tumble

     Or maybe it's just me.  Got up several times during the night, each time discovering myself face-planting against the wall'o'dressers opposite the foot of the bed: yes, I was managing to fall across rather than down. Cooked a sailor's breakfast, which is just like a regular breakfast except you hang onto the stove while the galley seems to be pitching and yawing.  (Reminds me: why can't you still buy Sea Toast?)

     Tentative plan: shower.  Neti pot.  If still unstable -- physically unstable! Oh, hahaha -- it's off to Doc-Inna-Box.  If spinning ceases,* work.

     And outside, it's No degrees, fondly Fahrenheit.  Gack.

    Later: Hahaha, guess what?  Plan failed well ahead of shower.  Can't actually stand up for that long.

     Also later: Keebler tossed Sea Toast overboard.  It is defunct.  Heck, they even beached the trademark and left it to rot.  :(  Crown Pilot crackers are close but they ain't quite the same.
* And thus sufficieth us.  As they say.


Anonymous said...

Be careful. Hope you get better soon.


Jennifer said...

Ugh. Time to see the medic

Anonymous said...

Known as positional vertigo caused by inflammation/clogged eustachian tubes caused by that nasty bug running around (pandemic) filling up hospital ER s. Its not quite the flu and not quite a cold. It will go away.

Divemedic said...

More than likely, the upper respiratory infection has moved to the cranial nerve, and/or the ear.

Try taking any over the counter drug containing meclizine.

Paul said...

Sounds like inner ear issues. Although how that ties to stabbing pain under the ribs is a quacks guess.

Matthew said...

Pilot Bread in Alaska is like Spam in Hawaii.

Though not for the same "tastes like people" reasons. ;)

Roberta X said...

Matthew: :) No, make that :D

Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly was "sea toast?" Hard tack?

Roberta X said...

Sea Toast was a large round flat cracker, perhaps 6" in diameter, perforated to break into strips. Sold in packs of a couple dozen, bit like a saltine but I think unsalted. Delicious buttered.