Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday Dinner

     Since Tam had (mostly) missed it earlier -- not to mention we both like the stuff and the market had 'em on sale! -- I made corned beef brisket again.  This time, the beef got a lot of company: a beet, a turnip, a red onion, purple cabbage, a couple of potatoes, carrots and -- oh, why not? -- a big container of fresh sliced mushrooms.

     The resulting broth is a very deep red-brown, the cabbage gets to stay mostly purple and the end result is delightful.  Color me a fan of the humble boiled beet; they come out with a rich, faintly earthy flavor that complimented the meat, the mushrooms and the other vegetables nicely.  The only one that wanted any seasoning at all was the potato, which tasted a bit drab in contrast; salt and pepper fixed that up.

     I saved the leftovers and the only question remaining is: soup tomorrow, red-flannel hash, or a bit of both?  Tam's not as fond of beets as I am, but it was just the one, so it'll hardly dominate.

     No photos.  It went from pot to plate to palate to tummy in very short order.


Jeffro said...

Darn it! Now I remember what I forgot at the grocery store!

Drang said...

Speaking of beets... I always liked them. Mrs. Drang, ditto, but they don't like her.
If they're red/purple. Gold/yellow beets, fine. So last year we bought a bunch and pickled what we couldn't cook and eat before they went bad.
At the risk of sounding like one of those young punks who need to get offa my lawn, Oh. Em. Gee.

Carteach said...

Sounds remarkably good, for what amounts to peasant food. Yum!

Roberta X said...

It is peasant food -- and most of my ancestors were peasants: German farmers, Cherokee housewives, British farmers. There's a least one Scot who was given a one-generation title for military service in a kind of "GI Bill" but he would've been a peasant or darned near prior to his time in the army.

Jennifer said...

I'd just like to see the red flannel concoction

Roberta X said...

It looked pretty good; I made a version of Red Flannel Hash for Sunday dinner, though I added another tater, a little onion and a poblano pepper to the corned beef/beet-potato-onion-turnip-mushroom veggies. Cups of hot beet broth on the side, very fine! (Tam said it wanted thick-crusted rye bread, though.)