Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I Ignored The State Of The Union

     I often do.  Some well-off Harvard or Yale graduate, nattering on, a little about things he doesn't have a firm grasp of and a whole lot of empty, rah-rah claptrap?  Got better things to do with my time, thanks.  (Like change a flat.  Entertainment-wise, it's a step or three better than POTUS SOTU.)

     But the Chicago politician had to return to the topic of gun control like a dog wandering back to snack on a well-remembered pool of his own sick: when it comes to gun control, limiting the basic human right of self-defense, Mr. Obama averred, "I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress...."

     Probably without, especially after the next round of elections.  Philosophy aside for the momemnt, it's a losing issue outside of LA, SF, Chi and the festering oligarchies of New England but he just can't keep his tongue off that frozen flagpole.  How many more tries before his tongue freezes to it, I wonder?

     Philosophy back on: that's even before we come to "morality" of makin' a law-abiding Granny walk home from the store through a bad neighborhood unarmed, while young scofflaw hoodlums get their choice of weapons to use against her.  Mr. President, most folks with gray hair don't get their own Uzi-toting Secret Service Praetorian Guard.  Maybe you forgot that?  --Or maybe you just don't care.  Some well-off Harvard or Yale graduate, what's he know about a fixed income or a paid-for house in a neighborhood going downhill?


Jess said...

I wish there was a thumbs up icon. I'd post at least two.

John A said...

The SOTU was supposed to be PotUS reporting to Congress. Some news outlets would publish a transcript, most would - as they do now - print excerpts.

Someone stated that it is another legacy of the Wilson [*spit*] occupation of the White house to broadcast it. But it would eventually have been done by some Administration. Of course, if it was done the way the UK does when the PM does a similar thing, with interruptions and questions it would probably be limited to CSpan...

John A said...

Say Uncle pointed to an interesting post - what teachers/professors (or basically anyone) without a firearm (or even with one) can do if a shooter starts waking through a building shooting people.