Sunday, January 05, 2014

4" at 11:00 a.m.


In Soviet Broad Ripple, snow shovels you!
      TV is starting to report accidents, mostly minor -- Indy and surrounding county authorities are reminding urbanites and suburbanites to stay off the roads.  They are, for once, plowing for all they're worth, running full shifts 24 hours until the snow ends and main roads are cleared.  On Sunday, there's not enough traffic to have been beating down the snow, so your options are: dead slow, stuck, wrecked, stuck behind a snowplow, struck by a snowplow and/or ticketed by Officer Friendly if the red hood and picinic basket don't convince him you and Yogi Bear were on your way urgently to Grandma's.


Carteach said...

Here... 24 degrees and raining. Go figure.

I ain't going NO PLACE till there is some level of confidence this is not the apocalypse. Again.

aczarnowski said...

Every locality has their edge cases and they all suck.

Here in south Canada (Minneapolis) we're heading for minus 25F tonight. Actual temp, not wind chill. Clear skies though. So I'm worried about the incoming water services cracking.

May your electricity stay on, the furnace stay running, and the shovelling be easier than you hope.

Anonymous said...

We in San Diego CA are hoping you stay warm, dry, and productive.