Saturday, January 18, 2014

Go To Gun Show, Come Back With Gun

     But only one.  (Loan me $575 and I'll buy another -- there's a .380 Savage autopistol at the Indy 1500 that I want want want, bad).

     I did buy a sixgun:
     It's an old Charter Arms Pathfinder .22!  Yes, another plinker.  I just can't pass 'em up.


Joseph said...

Looks very nice, Roberta!!

Robin said...

Obviously you would be no help as a "sponsor" in my 12 step program ...

Sport Pilot said...

Very nice find, you did well, enjoy!!!

Keads said...

Nice! Can't wait to go to a Indy show!

The Freeholder said...

Nice. We all have our weaknesses, mine is old .22 "long fingers"--long-barreled .22 rifles.

I suspect if I showed up to that show I'd need a trailer to haul them all home. :-)

rickn8or said...

"Go to Gun Show, Come Back With Gun"

Thaats pretty much the idea. Maybe I ought to follow you and Tam around; you seem to find the good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have a stainless three-inch
Shoots real well.

I sometimes use it to introduce
new shooters to revolver shooting.

Have not seen one of the long
barreled ones. Yours looks interesting.