Sunday, January 26, 2014


     Jeepers, my back hurts!  I did hardly anything yesterday -- swept snow from my car and the walks, shoveled a very little -- but perhaps even that was too much while still recovering.  I certainly slept with great enthusiasm, all of last night and most of yesterday during the day.

     Today will be mostly indoors, I think, and nothing too strenuous.  By Monday morning, we're supposed to get another 3" of snow, plus or minus.  Once that's fallen, back to the digging-out, or sweeping out if it stays cold enough (or gets cold enough again -- we may flirt briefly with 40 degrees this afternoon, forty above, that is).  That's one virtue of the extreme cold, at least the snow stays lightweight.  But will the warm-ish spell augur wetter, heavier snow?  Stay tuned for our next exciting episode!

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