Monday, January 06, 2014

Fighting For The Power

     Four degrees as I write this -- and at least that's 4 above.

     Local utility Indianapolis Power & Light has an outage map online.  It divides the county into nine squares and of those nine, precisely one has no outages at all.  My neighborhood and most of the central-to-northeast parts of Marion Country are in the red.

     They've got crews working on it.  It's not like it's going to get any warmer today.


     Update: It's working on them, too.  There is now no part of the county without some outages.  It's something of a Red Queen's race for Power & Light.

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jim in houston said...

Just heard this morning (Tuesday) on NPR a couple of experiments that I recommended to my sister in Martinsville... take a kid's soap-bubble bottle outside and blow bubbles. They will freeze in midair and roll along on the snow cover when they land. Also, leave a banana outside for a couple of hours and use it to drive a nail into a 2x4. The Banana Hammer!

Noticed Sterling's "Islands in the Net" on your library thing. Great book.