Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dyslexics, Untie!

I shouldn't; merciful heavens know I've done as bad or worse. Still, a fascinating comment to a (nifty!) story from China about a back-yard cyberteer:
Even Tesla burned up a few things in his life and the owlr would be crap without his inventions.
...Yeah, man, nothin' worse than a crappy owlr, sez I. Ruins the whole flonging amichimbo, donnit?


Anonymous said...

I'd comment more often, but I've been a little busy saving the owlr.

Ok, not that, but I have been busy.


Stranger said...

More often a case of the brain outrunning the fingers. A common affliction.

Almost as common as engaging the mouth while the brain is still at idle.

Sometimes the results are much the same as cutting a hot feeder with a pair of lineman's pliers.