Sunday, April 18, 2010


Didn't get to the Second Amendment March; massive inner-ear dizzies. I stayed home, clinging to the bed. Grrr. I blame ear-popping elevator rides and pollen.


Mad Saint Jack said...

Looking at these photos I'm feeling a little dizzy too.

I hope you'll feel well enough top make the Blogmeet.

og said...

Inner ear dizziness (otoconia, BPPV) are not good things to encounter on a high platform, I hope you tied off.

I've been troubled with BPPV most of my adult life, and my ENT guy says it's probably exposure to loud noise. I've gotten good at the Epley maneuver and I keep anti-nausea stuff handy. Sometimes, though, you just have to wait it out. Barometric pressure and sinus infections don't help either, as I'm sure you know.

Roberta X said...

MSJ: I think I'll make the BlogMeet. 90% sure. I had to cancel going to a hamfest this morning, though. Grrrrr.

Og: I've been fighting the stuff since '96; it comesw and it goes. Mostly, it's gone.

Me on a high place, I do not trust my sense of balance; I use fixed landmarks and when I can't, I stay low. See, I used to be terrified of heights; but I like the view so much and when I had a chance to spend a couple days at a real (technical mountain) climbing school, it turned out I liked that, too.

On the Chase platforms, I don't climb. We pay guys to tie off, stand on the railing and connect up antennas, as well as do the real high-climbing work on the pylons. All my shots are taken where there are stairs and floors -- well, gratings, sometimes a couple levels of them.

og said...

Good all around. I grew up unafraid of heights, and then I fell several times, once from a pretty substantial height. it changes your perspective on a lot of things.

I used to cliff climb, millions of years ago, rock cut faces no more than twenty or thirty feet. I was immortal then, and the vertigo hadn't put it's claws in me. It has gotten worse as I aged, and I don't do anything high anymore, or at least no higher than thirty feet, without a harness. I'm happy to hear you're careful and safe, but you wouldn't have lived this long in high places if you weren't. Thanks for sharing the pictures.