Friday, April 02, 2010

The Next Battle

HuffPo (again) advises Democrats how to win the midterms. Scary? Delusional? Scary and delusional?

They still don't grasp what they have awakened. Come the day, hie thyself to the polls and show 'em. Incumbents who've rammed through budget-busting, freed-restricting laws, out!


Joseph said...

I don't think a lot of voters are going to forget that the (Democratic) Congress rammed through a major bill that Americans DID NOT WANT. The Republicans, though, are showing a tendency to stumble over they're own feet and a lack of focus and coordination. Can't they at least hire a competent business adviser?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

That would assume that the Republican organization is competent.

Dr.D said...

I was particularly struck by these two points:

Rule #3: We can't afford to allow the Republicans to make the midterms a referendum on Democratic performance. It must be framed as a choice between the failed Republican policies of the past and the Democratic program to lay a foundation for sustained, widely-shared economic growth.

Rule #4: We have to frame the debate in clear populist terms -- about who is on your side. By Election Day people will still be unhappy. If we don't focus that anger on the people who really caused this economic disaster, they will blame Democrats, who are in charge of the Government.

I think there is no doubt but that the mid-terms will be a referendum on the Democrats performance; how can it be otherwise? Their performance has been nothing less than radical, and most of us want to speak out very loudly on this matter. It is entirely wishful thinking to suggest otherwise.

They are entirely correct to say that by election day people will still be unhappy, I would say extremely unhappy. For them to dream that they can con Americans into believing that this disaster was caused by anyone other than the present Administration is a grand illusion; we are not that stupid. But that is a consistent part of their thinking; they believe that ordinary Americans are fools.

They have correctly diagnosed parts of the situation. They just have no idea hot that is going to turn against them by election day.