Monday, April 26, 2010

Oldstream Media

Indiana Primary Election Guide. Kind of useful - there are a lot of hats in the ring!

Kind of useless: There's a front-page story in today's fishwrap, headlined "Red Tide Rising: Urgent fix sought for runaway deficit" that starts out, "Unable or unwilling to do it himself, President Obama...launches a bipartisan commission..." to Do Something; or, more likely, hold meetings and issue statements as the Titanic sinks. I'd like to link to it, but... Well, gee. Not on the website yet; payin' customers get to look first, I guess.


Old Grouch said...

That story is a reprint from McClatchy Newspapers, and might not be eligible for posting.

The "bipartisan commission" would better be termed the "Attempting to dig up some RINOs to give the Democrats cover for instituting a Value Added Tax" Commission. The Republicans shouldn't be participating at all, but as P.T. Barnum said...

Dr.D said...

The red tide rising is the red tide of communism, brought to us by the disciples of ol' Saul Alinsky from Chicago.