Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Know It's The Party Of Love When

...They post comments like this:
...I've thought about attending one of these teabagger rallies and shooting a gun into the air, then stepping back and observing how many of these open-carry jerks pull their weapons and start shooting each other. Of course, I'd never do that, but mark my words: there is going to eventually be a bloodbath at one of these rallies....

Yeahright, just like there's always gonna be blood in the streets any time gun laws are put more in line with the Constitution -- and yet there never is.

But I would keep an eye out for morons like Mr. I've-thought-about-attending.


Anonymous said...

A more probable response would be a firm briefing on the four rules, if the police don't get the guy first.

What a maroon.


Rev. Paul said...

Exactly how far (and how fast) does the poltroon expect to "step back"? Last I checked, most handgun rounds outpace your average running human.

Oh wait; he's a leftie, which means he hasn't ever actually touched a weapon, so he doesn't know about ballistics & all those other hate-filled science thingies.

B said...

He'd more likely be disarmed and/or held at gunpoint until the police arrive.

Then again, brandishing a firearm can easily (and legally) get you shot. Especially if it discharges in a crowd.

Either way, not smart.

Joanna said...

I love that he assumes he wouldn't just get an asphalt facial, courtesy of the nearest four bystanders. In my experience, the more able to fight a person is, the less likely they are to resort to real violence.

I won't be carrying on Thursday, but I will be on a bicycle (I refuse to pay for parking), which makes me worry if the Code Pinkers & Co. will mistake me for one of them. I say "worry"; what I really mean is closer to "gleefully anticipate their confusion when they realize their mistake". Meh heh heh.

Crucis said...

I've attended a number of Tea Parties and I've carried at every one. Not because I feel endangered by the Tea Party folks, but because they have all been located in parks in the middle of the highest crime areas of Kansas City. Each Tea Party was well attended by private security and members of the local PD.

With this dumbo's scenario, the CCW folks would first be looking for whom fired the shot and then directing the cops appropriately.