Sunday, April 04, 2010

Holiday Visit

I love my family but I can't claim we get along. My siblings found it the height of humor, when I remarked on how my 20-year-old tomcat had lost weight (recently diagnosed as a thyroid problem -- he's on meds) and is creaky enough that he can't groom himself much (I brush him), to suggest perhaps he was already dead.


I love my Mom and my nieces and nephews are decent kids adults but I gotta line up somebody other than my brother and sister to bury me because they'd be giggling too much. And Baby bro's a health nut, so I can't count on waitin' to be last in line. Gads, I shudder to think of the sport they'd have at my house after I was gone, all the science fiction and radio and techie books (with a few mystery novels here and there) and old tools and radios they'd just snicker at and dump at the curb.

Maudlin nonsense. Guess it's good to be rid of it by venting.