Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Holy, Holy Hole-y

     Unholy, more like, with holes in 'em: my jeans.  Worn clean out between the back pockets at the base of the spine, where there's a funny little bit of spinal column or coccyx or whatever, a bit dished in the center and raised at the edges.  This answers the question, "If we put her in double-front work dungarees with durable knees, now what part wears out first?"

     Rats.  I've got to mend them, Carhartt having discontinued women's double-fronts because they're fools, or maybe too few of us do the kind of work that calls for 'em, and "so there" to all those lady geologists, archeologists, paleontologists, zoologists, botanists, electricians, plumbers and heavy-equipment operators.[1] Sure, us distaff types may only spin up[2] to ten or twenty percent of the total number of "persons who need heavy work trousers,"[3], but let's see, everyone times, oh, 0.2 for number of workers-needing-this-workwear, times 0.2 for female workers: 0.276 billion, subtract ten percent for the "can't wear slacks" wimmens not counterbalanced by fellers who don't wear trews and we're left with, roughly, a quarter of a billion.[4]  You'd think even just the Western Civilization part of that'd be enough of a market but no.

     I'd write more, but I've got to go sew a patch on the seat of  my slacks.
1. I'd include custodiatrice and charwomen, but too many of them are represented by SEIU and I'm sure the limousine-commies in charge will ensure they're all issued proper People's Uniforms, no doubt at taxpayer expense

2. That's a joke, y'see?  Distaff, see?  --And if you thought that was funny, wait'll you find out that when one sort of weasel goes "pop," you're at the end of your thread....
 3. As a contralto, "britches" is one of my three possibilities and perhaps the best, the other two being "witches" and "b!tches."

4.  And thank you, Enrico Fermi.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Some subset of folks need heavy work trousers in women's sizes.

Some subset of folks need the bolt on their rifle on the other side of the rifle. (No, not the bottom)

Not enough of either to get a really good selection, I guess.

Bob said...

I don't know what you're specifically looking for, but see if these guys carry it.

Jeffrey Smith said...

Reasons to read RobertaX
#27128. Learn as much from the footnotes as the main post.

Charles Pergiel said...

Pop goes the weasel. Dang, it actually means something.

"can't wear slacks" wimmens?!?!?

Bill D Anderson said...

A photo of this khaki cavity of coccyx causality?

D.W. Drang said...

Duluth Trading Company?

Work Pants For Women and Ladies Khaki Work Pants - Duluth Trading

Will said...

Might want to check the closeout and discount listings here:


Everything is labeled "tactical", but they do have some good deals. Some of it is just the color is off a little, but that is enough to keep the "official" types from buying. $20 for a well made pair of utility type pants is ok with me. The jeans I used to buy have turned into junk, all in the attempt to deal with inflation without raising the price.

Robin said...

Carhartts seems to be on a tear of discontinuing all their useful products.

Roberta X said...

D.W.: Historically, Duluth Trading doesn't offer women's work jeans with an inseam greater than 32". These are capri-like on me. Hope springs eternal -- I'll check.

Roberta X said...

Charles Pergiel, there are women who won't wear trousers for religions, cultural or personal reasons. Some of them work in trades and professions that call for durable workwear -- and a little digging turns up a nice selection of, for instance, denim skirts of around ankle-length, +/-.

John Peddie (Toronto) said...

Dickies ?

Their website shows different styles in womens'.

I've always had good use from their stuff.