Friday, September 05, 2014

Tam Report

     Crabby, is how.

     At least partially my fault, I fear: more vacation-relief shifts mean my hours have been precessing from normal days to, as of this morning, a nasty super-early shift that has me asleep afternoons and evenings and leaves her having to tiptoe around and wear headphones.  Not fun.

     Irritants aside, the patient remains generally cheerful and spent some time yesterday afternoon plying the laser-mouse for the cats.  They enjoyed it; Huck does amazing leaps at it on the wall and can touch the red dot at amazing heights.


Old Radar Tech said...

Good morning, Roberta (it is;I've got coffee). Mine are currently arguing over who gets to be Queen or King of the top of the kitchen cabinets.
Oh, cleanup on aisle one, please...

I rarely comment here, just want you both to know you have any support I can provide.

Anonymous said...

Dear Roberta,
You are a good friend!

Please continue to keep us informed, as is appropriate.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorely annoyed the free ice cream machine has been turned off. If any assistance is needed to find and rehabilitate the culprit, say the word.

Garrett Lee said...

Anon 10:55,

We know who the culprit is. Heck, I live in the same town. I'm still not going to do anything unless Tam asks me [i]very[/i] nicely. Why?

1) I do not personally know either of the protagonists. Thus, taking action without knowing both sides seems wrong to me.

2) It would be very easy to make things worse for all concerned by trying to help.

3) I don't want Tam annoyed at me.

I can think of other reasons too.

Anonymous said...

The breaks I took from blogging were for the most part good for me... it forced me to get out, and do stuff that was healthy both physically and spiritually.

The intertubes can be awfully addictive. Reading other peoples' work, hunting for interesting stories, keeping up on the news - since the mainstream media has abandoned its responsibility to inform, and concentrated on celebrity and fluff. (News Flash: the fact that politicians of every stripe are corrupt is not news. Neither is the fact that people don't have strong passwords, that "The Cloud" is not secure, etc etc ad absurdum.)

Roberta X said...

In re a spamfiled comment: Stop commenting here, Pawnbroker. I do not want you commenting here. I have already asked you to stop and yet you continue.

Your behavior is very typical of stalkers.

Roberta X said...

Garret Lee: You have not been asked. You will not be asked. Gallantry is well and good but sometimes it should be trumped by discretion.

Everybody, it's 2014. The Internet is part of the real world. What you do on it is "discoverable" in the legal sense. Before posting, commenting, Facebooking, Twittering, whatever, ask yourself: "Is this something I would be comfortable answering to in court?" If it isn't, then for your own safety, STFU.

Tam is feeling down. BTDT. It doesn't matter what flips that switch, once it has changed state, it isn't going to return to the prior condition overnight no matter what happens.

LCB said...

Please pass along to Tam, she does NOT need to apologize for her decision, at least not to me. I've enjoyed her blog very much, but, hey...her decision. She'll be missed, but dah life, it goes on. :-)

Garrett Lee said...


I know that I have not nor will I ever be asked. Agreed on the importance of discretion - I was trying to explain my discretion to another. I am sorry that my intent was misconstrued.

Roberta X said...


Jennifer said...

Thank you for the update. You're a good friend to Tam and to us all.

Kristophr said...

Mount the laser ON Huck, and see how fast he goes.

Old Radar Tech said...

That sounds very entertaining, at least until he brings the house down...

Shrimp said...

In regards to said troll:

If I may be so bold as to recommend re-reading (I am sure that you've read it) Gavin De Becker's book, chapter 11 (specifically page 212).

Every response in a negotiation. Don't answer. Don't acknowledge. Just delete.

I'm sorry for being forward here and butting in on your turf, and please feel free to tell me to butt out. I just thought that since his behavior is stalker-ish, he should be treated as exactly that.

(You can even delete this if you want to keep him in the dark about it)

Good luck.

DissonantEscapist said...

If the mood at your residence would in any way be lifted by a box or two of .45 FMJ to take to the range, I have some to spare.

We used to live fairly close to your general area and have since moved a bit out of town, but both you and Tam were very nice to myself and my wife whenever we approached you at the fun show or Eagle Creek, even though you wouldn't know us from Adam.


RandyGC said...

Thanks for the updates Roberta.

You're on my RSS list even without them, but the updates are like a two-fer.

Goyo said...

Es hermoso y es verdad. Eso es todo lo que necesitamos. El resto es sólo polvo.

Roberta X said...

Thanks, everyone! Especially Charles and Goyo!

Echo said...

@Roberta B-but 7 proxies and bitcoin hitmen something something deep web?

In all seriousness though, the cruelest thing you can do to some people is get them the mental help they need to realize how they've been acting.
Sadly that's not likely to happen :(