Sunday, September 07, 2014

One Dozen Eggs: Bonus

     Used up the last of the eggs the gift-dozen supplanted, along with the last thick-cut bacon and some lamb bacon Tam bought.

     Lambs on the left, piggies on the right:
     It's a B&E sandwich!  Plus some tomato.
     ...Because tomato.  Bacon likes tomato!


Anonymous said...

Why does the scene in The Princess Bride with the Max Miracle Man (played by Billy Crystal) talking about how he likes MLTs where the mutton is all thin and crispy come to my mind!

Earl Harding

LCB said...

We're having a contest here at work...who can lose the most in 3 months. And this doesn't HELP!!!

I feel like that dog on the Beggin Strips commercial.

"Bacon, bacon, bacon...BACON!!!"

Jennifer said...

Mmm. Bacon, egg, and tomato. Some of my favorite things