Wednesday, July 05, 2017

A Glorious Fourth

     Tam and I had a nice day yesterday -- slept late, a good breakfast, plenty of "illuminations" after sunset and in between, a marvelous dinner:
Tamara Keel photo
     That's Tam's; I butterfly my steaks and cook them to medium, which isn't as photogenic and drawls howls of outrage from the raw-meat crowd.


Anonymous said...

Can't enjoy it unless I can taste the hemoglobin. The taste, you know, that iron taste, the whole hill...nothing else in the world tastes like that. It tastes like...victory.

Monty James

RandyGC said...
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RandyGC said...

They paying for it? They being forced to eat it? Then I don't hear them.

I just noticed that you said that was Tam's steak after saying how good it looked. Never Mind /Emily Latillia

I do like anything from medium on down. Dinner at in-laws is always a "treat" as MIL cooks meat the way FIL likes it: Bland and overcooked.