Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An Observation

     It is perhaps emblematic of the change in American politics that "What didn't the President know, and when did he not know it?" has become a matter of serious concern for the Press.

     Once upon a time, even a loathed President had to be specifically culpable; now it's sufficient to be not inculpable in general.


Divemedic said...

Pence, according to reports, is gleefully courting voters. If an impeachment effort is successful, the Republicans will have to help. If that happens, considering their inaction on every other important issue, I don't think I will ever vote for a Republican again.

pigpen51 said...

Impeachment is unlikely to happen, given the current disarray of the congress. For an impeachment to even begin, you must have at least some kind of evidence to start with, not merely suspicions. Impeachment is not only a legal proceeding, but also a political one. As we saw with the Bill Clinton fiasco, unless the American people are in support of an impeachment effort, it is doomed for failure. With, say, a Richard Nixon, the political will of the people was much different, and most likely would have succeeded, had it gone that route.

I suspect that Pence will have a very hard time if he has to run in 2020. From some of the things that I have seen from Ted Cruz lately, it is obvious to me that he has not given up on his dream of another run at the prize. He is hitting the talk show circuit, and the talk radio talking heads have mentioned him from time to time.