Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Independence Day

     I slept in.  'Cos I can.  Plans for later include lining the sidewalk to the front door with sparklers, followed or preceded by a dinner of grilled steaks, baked potatoes, braised Brussels sprouts,* tasty beverages (I totally should have had Tam buy some Sunlight Cream Ale: I'm not a complete Dry, merely temperate and this is a holiday, after all) and perhaps some chocolate‡ fudge.

     For now, a nice three-egg omelette with Chorizo,*† Poblano peppers,*† tomatoes,†‡ black olives* and Manchego cheese* will do to start the day.**
* Immigrants, like many of our ancestors.

  † On the general topic of Chorizo sausage, peppers and tomatoes, Ohio's Secret Seed Cartel can fix you up with heirloom and unusual varieties of the latter two, plus lots more.  So where's the Chorizo come in?  Spell it txorizo and you've got the Basque version, tasty as only Basque cuisine can be, and for that, you need some choricero peppers.
‡ Also immigrants, but from farther south in the New World.

  ** Chickens, source of the eggs in that omelette back at the beginning of that paragraph (duck eggs sadly not being commercially available here), aren't so much "from" anywhere.  Those sneaky mini-dinosaurs are from everywhere!  If you go back before anyone was writing things down -- at least in a language that can be read today --  it seems likely that chickens, like Gypsies but much earlier, got their start in India.  Eggs being quite a treat and a critter that will lay one per day being not so common otherwise, chickens traveled well and spread faster than the written word or numbers and were ubiquitous before anyone noticed.  But while the species may be a citizen of the world, the various sub-varieties -- and there are scads -- usually have a known home and a fancier name than most of us.

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