Thursday, July 20, 2017

Avuncularity Is Deleteable

     Be advised and conduct yourself accordingly.  I'm a grown woman; I qualified for the senior discount years ago.  The last of my real uncles passed away a few years back and I am not in the market for any new ones.

     And don't presume you know more about the business of writing than someone who has written as a hobby-with-aspirations since along about 1972.  I have socks that know more about the duller-but-funner* side of writing than most people.  If I feel the need of advice from an actual working writer, all I have to do is spin my chair around and ask the person who buys most of the groceries here with checks from editors.
* Because checks.


JPD said...

What did I miss? Was someone getting ugly? Uncles? Now, I have heard of some sicko's out there. Point them out, we have your back.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Some people just never get the message.

Rich in NC said...

Ms Ecks? Isn't there an 'off' switch on your hearing aids to help your Oh so helpful "Uncles" understand that their help isn't really needed? Personally I use the phrase "What? Did you say something?" quite a bit with those butinski people.
Write On!!
Rich in NC

Anonymous said...

As a reader, your writing is fine.

Alex said...

I think I should like to hear from your "writing socks". I suspect they would be more interesting than most of the "mainstream media" published articles these days, on a great many subjects...

Illegitimi non carborundum