Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Good Scooter News

     I had about given up on the scooter battery.  Trying to be gentle, I had been using the little "battery tender" charger and it was struggling.  Came home last night and decided to give it one more try -- and it worked!  Checked a couple of hours after putting the charger on and the yellow "Charging" led had given way to the green "Storage" indicator!

     Picked up a new funnel for the oil change over the weekend, so now all I need to do is find the time.

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Will said...

Several times over the years, I've encountered a 12v battery that is completely dead, and the charger won't work, apparently. Switching the output to 6v and leaving it overnight appears to prepare the battery in some fashion, as re-setting to 12v will then show an output on the amp meter.

In a related vein, I've resurrected several ni-cad tool batteries by shocking them. This requires a higher voltage than the battery rating. The Makita 9.4v batteries reacted to a jolt from that 12v charger, but the 18v Milwaukee ones needed a hit from my TIG welder. Hmm, don't recall what I set that at, since it's current control. I think this is to blow off whiskers in the cells. My salvage rate is about 50% of dead batts.