Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And Here's Wednesday

     I spent nearly all of yesterday on a wheel-spinning exercise of genuinely stupid proportions. It's too technical and dull to describe, but it's a recurring problem, complicated by legacy issues from the work of a tech who has since retired. 

     He tended to follow his own path even at the best of times and the thing I am trying to sort may may have been partially motivated by annoyance.  The result has been one of those trouble-shooting exercises where you know there is something wrong but the exact nature and extent of the problem is unclear. 

     Most of yesterday was spent finding out what it wasn't. Maybe today I can start to find out what it is.  Then, perhaps, I can work on fixing it.

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Jerry said...

I work with a "mature" product line. (our oldest drawing dates to Thanksgiving 1926.) For this reason, I assiduously court our retirees so I can occaisionally call and ask "What is this !" I find stuff that has stayed in production for 3 or 4 decades only to discover that we really don't need to do this anymore or "Are you guys still doing that!". Bureaucratic inertia can be so much fun.