Thursday, June 07, 2018

Omelette Filled With Leftovers

     Our grocer sells what they call "Elote Corn Salad," a cold grilled-corn salad with some of the flavor of the Mexican grilled corn-on-the-cob treat.  They don't quite do the creamy sauce but it's got a bit of a nice pale cheese that is either the correct Cotija or a close substitute.  It has a tiny bit of onion and cilantro, a little heat and a slight, sharp bite of lime.

     I had some with my deli-counter supper the other day, along with a nice Italian submarine sandwich* that proved too big to finish, so there was corn salad left over and the clock was ticking.

     Remembering my Dad's great love of bacon grease (instead of melted butter†) on corn-on-the-cob, I cooked up a little bacon, poured off most of the grease (but none of the crunchy bits) and sauteed the corn salad in the remainder along with sliced-up bits of green onion.  Set that to one side, added a tiny bit of grease to the pan, and poured in a couple of eggs, already well-beaten with a few crunched-up tortilla chips and some spice mix in water.  Covered and let cook while I chopped up a little of the Campo de Montalban cheese, then layered in broken bacon, cheese and corn salad once the top of the omelette was barely set.  Cooked a little longer, folded it over and finished cooking: delicious!

     Of course, it is absolutely not low-carb.  Kinda worth it nevertheless.
* It included, among other fine meats, nice, spicy capicola, something the big sub-shop chains rarely offer.  The deli counter makes the sandwiches in-house and they make full use of the grocery's wide range of meats and cheeses.
† Bacon grease on corn is wonderful.  It's not good for you -- but the melted better is not all that much healthier.


Anonymous said...

We asked the local elote vendor the ingridients to his sauce. His reply - mayonnaise and lemon juice mixed up, sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Pretty dang good.

Jay said...

Tam and I might disagree with you - I've given up corn and dropped margarine for real butter. In other words, high protein, high fat, low carb. It's an N=1 study, but I dropped my cholesterol 30 points and lost 25# over a year.