Monday, June 11, 2018


     Up early today, so I can go get physical therapy for my bad knee.  Am I looking forward to this?  I am not.

     But I hope it helps.


John in Philly said...

I was having a good morning until you mentioned PT. (shoulders)
Now I have that haunted look on my face.
At some point in the PT session I almost always needed tissues because of the pollen. Cough, yes um, pollen.

Drang said...

The worst part of physical therapy for me (and I think Mrs. Drang agrees) is maintaining the exercises "off duty." Finding the time (and maybe space, depending) to do them, and remembering to do so. Preferably without feline "assistance".

Carteach said...

Had my first PT appointment today for the new knee. Doc looked it over, and I told/showed him what I was already doing. He showed me some other stretches and shared a couple smart strategies.

That's it. The ride there and back hurt far worse than the PT.