Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Physical Therapy Again

     "Twice a week," the prescription says, so twice a week it is, along with daily exercises.  Too early to tell if it's going to help, though I do have hopes. 

     Turns out my graceful and/or decorous habits are Very Bad for the old knee -- sitting with knees together and legs crossed at the ankle, or one knee over the other?  That's right out.  Moving from a seated position to standing and keeping knees together?  Nope, not supposed to.  They'll have me chewing tobacco and driving a pickup truck* next.  Perhaps I shall learn to say "ain't" or even "pas du tout" and stop depilating.  ...On the other hand, no.
* Too late, I already did back in the mid-1980s, a lovely Ford F150 with a stickshift that was like rowing a boat.  The biggest problem with owning a truck is that all your friends and family know you have one, and are only too happy to borrow your services to haul things.  On the other hand, you're a lot more popular....  At the same time, my Dad's "second car" was a snarling behemoth of a 1950s International panel van, with a nose like a school bus, an electric-blue paint job and a shag-carpeted interior.  He'd bought it from a young man whose enthusiasm had outstripped his ability to keep the ancient thing running.  Together, we made quite the caravan, and could move quite a lot at one go.  Driving the International was a different experience -- it had a "granny low" first gear, used only to get the thing rolling when fully loaded or to climb vertical walls, and woe betide you if you forgot to have it in second gear at a stoplight: that first upshift needed to be immediate and even so, acceleration was glacial.  Once you were at speed -- 55 mph, if you were brave enough -- a hand throttle eased long drives, enlivened by the need to adjust it for any hills or valleys.


Eck! said...

skip the tobacco its poison and get the truck as they like to work. ;)

Oh, get a mobile rig.


pigpen51 said...

I am 57 years old, and I just got my first truck last year. I always wanted one, but never had a good reason to get one. I retired, debt free, and still have not good reason to have a truck, but I still bought one. Until now, I have always used a mini van to haul everything in. You would be surprised at what you can haul in a mini van. Just about everything that you can haul in a truck. I hauled full sheets of plywood in my van.
Best of luck with your PT. I know that I never had any luck with the times I tried it, but my wife had good luck with hers, for a torn rotator cuff, after her surgery. They can do some really good things with PT, those people are very well trained.

c-90 said...

M151A1 Truck, 1/4 ton, 4x4 GP. You had to pop the clutch into second gear, to get it moving at all.

Zendo Deb said...

Best of luck with the PT. The one time I had to endure that, it did seem to help.

But my opinion was that PT stood for physical torture not physical therapy.

The sad fact of the matter is our knees don't get better as we get older.