Monday, June 04, 2018

On The Early Shift: Breakfast Again

     I was up a little early Sunday and had a short day, since I am on the very early shift this week.  I don't like it, but I think very highly of the tech who normally works it, and if he doesn't get some vacation time, it might drive him mad.

     Got up just in time to make up a pan of Pastrami Hash, which I hope will have enough left over for the next couple of mornings as well.  This is just exactly what it sounds like, cubes of pastrami rather than corned beef, cooked with diced potatoes.  I'm still working on cooking times to get the textures right, but this is pretty close and should get closer on reheating -- I started the pastrami in a little water and simmered it with a lid on the skillet while I cut the potatoes.  You want it moist but not soupy, so that takes some looking after (and occasional stirring) to maintain.  Add the potatoes, cook it lidded and moist, stirring from time to time, until they are pretty much done, then take the lid off and cook it down to whatever degree of dryness appeals to you.

     You can add onion (I sliced a couple of green onions in mine), bell or hot peppers, cheese and/or an egg on top (I fried an egg separately).  A little "Italian mix" spice on the potatoes before they went in seemed to work well.  You do need to remove really big sections of fat when you cut up the meat to keep the end result from being too greasy.  The nice people at the deli may give you a funny look when you ask them to slice the pastrami a quarter-inch thick, but that seems to be about the right thickness for this.


Merle said...

Sounds wonderful, but it would give me world class heart burn - sucks to get old! :(

Roberta X said...

The mild version uses plain roast beef and skips the onion -- it's still good.