Monday, February 08, 2021

About Comments

      Not every comment submitted gets published.  I had to start doing that because of spam -- and an excess of partisan whining and supposedly-tough talk.

      Here's the deal: this is my blog.  If you want a platform for playing "gotcha" games with politicians over trivia -- slips of the tongue, simple mistakes, etc. --  or if you want to thunder and bluster about X, Y or Z being "the last straw" (especially if you have a known history of striking a pose and then slinking away), or if you want to make threats of violence, my comments section is not the place to do so.  Such things will not be published.  Sometimes people write comments of this kind in a jocular, light-hearted frame of mind -- but if that does not come across in your words, they're not going to to make it past the screening process.

      References that are too obscure can delay publication.  I have to go look them up and try to figure out what you meant by them.

      Calling public figures, living or recently-deceased politicians especially, by disparaging nicknames is generally a non-starter here.  You want to show disrespect?  Take it as given that I don't respect any of them and doubt that you do, and that it therefore behooves both of us to be clear and specific about who and what bugs you or me about them. 

      If you want to be a howling yahoo, do so on your own blog.  This one's mine and we're all just as nice as pie when we point out the bad polices and poor decisions of idiots-in-office -- this stuff is a matter of public record and if you wouldn't be comfortable explaining it to your grandmother at the Thanksgiving dinner table or a prosecutor in open court, don't write it here.

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David aka True Blue Sam said...

Polite standards make life easier. I kept my blog workplace safe while I was working so I could refer landowners and USDA employees to posts about forestry and chainsaw posts. The Feds are picky about what employees click to on government computers and we never had trouble. The same standard kept me from having conflicts with my employer, IL Dept of Natural Resources. If you cause embarrassment for your employer, policies will result, and that can be the end of good times. I have to watch YouTube comments, too, mostly for profanity. I will tolerate negative comments to a greater degree on YT than on my blog, but pretty much delete anything I wouldn't want said in front of my mother.