Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snowed In!

      Anyway, as good as.  If I absolutely had to, I could probably get out, but it would be slow and awkward and once I reached the main road, there would no shortage of drivers who were, shall we say, foolish.

     Ain't gonna do it.  There's nearly a foot of snow on the ground.


RandyGC said...

Stay Home Stay Safe

Just finished 2 hours digging my place out so CINCHOUSE can leave if she has school tomorrow and then help an neighbor clear her property. Even with a good snow blower my back is killing me. If I had to do it by shovel they'd probably find me in the spring.

Carteach said...

Stay in, stay warm, stay safe!

As for us... our storm rolls in Thursday. New normal... I'd say to hell with it and watch it snow, and then melt, from the window while I basked in wood stove warmth.
Not this time. Little girl has a med-test in far away place on Friday. That means my car gets a grand in new tires tomorrow. She WILL get to that test on time.