Tuesday, February 23, 2021


      The TV weatherman this noon has been billing today as "The Best Weather Day Of The Year." 

      Not, I hope, of the entire year.  But after 2020, I'm not willing to take that for granted.

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Blackwing1 said...


Sorry to go off-topic, but your roomie posted another picture of Holden. I was looking at his incredibly furry ears, and noticed that I couldn't see any eyebrow whiskers.

Our current furry buddy (half-Siamese, half-farm cat, completely crazy) has some pretty incredible vertical whiskers coming up from his eyebrows that help him figure out low-clearances. Our previous cats (all taken-in strays) also had eyebrow whiskers, but not as long as our current incarnation.

Was it just the picture, or does Holden lack the eyebrow whiskers? He's got such incredible fur elsewhere that he probably doesn't need them, but inquiring minds (or lazy ones) want to know.