Wednesday, February 17, 2021

"No, You Do It Next."

      Huck and Holden, the giant tomcats of Roseholme Cottage, are at the living room window, where I drew the heavy curtains shut last night in anticipation of subzero temperatures.  It's been going on for several minutes now: They huddle up, and then one or the other moves a curtain aside far enough to stick his head past it, touch his nose to the windowpane, realize it is bitterly cold, and back out.  Another conference follows, and one or the other cats makes one more try. 

      Maybe it won't be so cold this time? 

      It will be, cats.  It will be.


Blackwing1 said...

So instead of a Door Into Summer, they're looking for a Window Into Summer?

Carteach said...

We have a cat tree in front of a window. Occasionally I move it next to the aquarium. Not sure our spoiled brats really care.

Recently, they gained access to the attic, which is now a massive dusty cobweb and snake ridden playground for cats. Occasionally, one will sit on the attic stairs and cry till the others come to play.