Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Grilled A Couple Of Steaks

      Our local grocer had nice-looking New York Strips, USDA Prime, on sale for a low, low $15.99 a pound -- about as cheap I have seen them over the last year.  And the weather wasn't bad today; it cooled off a little in the afternoon, but it was dropping from a high of 59°F or more.

      So I grilled.  The usual accompaniments, a nice green salad with tomatoes, carrots, sweet peppers and Castelvetrano olives plus baked potatoes.  I made a side dish or steak topping with mushrooms, sweet peppers and shishito peppers in a little butter, and let it bubble away in a small pot on the grill as the steaks cooked.

      It's better than nearly a foot of snow!


wrm said...

OK so I've done the math twice. With a calculator, at least once.

I don't like paying more than R100/kilo for steak. Don't get me wrong, I hardly ever get to pay that, good steak goes for closer to R130/kilo.

But that's still around $4/pound.

Unless I have my decimals decimated or the US pound is smaller than the UK pound or something...

Roberta X said...

Welcome to Economics 101. Prices in Indianapolis are about average for the U.S. Elsewhere...not so much.