Thursday, February 11, 2021

Today I Learned....

      Today I Learned that Herr Fahrenheit's initials were "G.D."  I also learned it's 20 degrees G. D. Fahrenheit outside right now.

      All of this learning came about when Tam asked Alexa, "What's the temperature fondly Fahrenheit outside?" and was rewarded with a short biographical sketch of the physicist and scientific instrument maker.

      ...It turns out that Alfred Bester's brilliant short story Fondly Fahrenheit was produced as one episode of the NBC Sunday Showcase anthology series in 1960 (as Murder and the Android.).  It was well received by critics and SF fans at the time -- and no, there doesn't appear to be a surviving videotape (the series was shot on early color tape) or kinescope.  At least the short story is widely anthologized, and you can read it any time you'd like.  Robert Silverberg writes highly of it.

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