Monday, February 15, 2021

Well, Winter....

      If you live in the U.S., you either already have nasty winter weather, or you're about to, and for the overwhelming majority of us, it is in the form of snow and/or ice.

      Snow here, a bit overnight, more later this morning, and a whole lot more this afternoon and tonight.  While I am hoping to hang back and avoid the worst of it, in order to do that, I'm going to have to get some work done in the the time before the bulk of the storm hits, and stand ready to brave it later if necessary.

      The reasons Midwesterners retire to warmer climates are becoming more and more clear to me as I grow older.


RandyGC said...

One of the places I would have liked to settle down in is Texas. Apparently they are getting a pretty significant dose of winter themselves, and are much less prepared for it.

(As an native Iowan during snow "storms" while stationed in San Antonio in 1984 I was able to get around handily, but nothing was open to get to).

Take care be safe!

Matt said...

I used to want to have a compound to retreat from society. Not survivalist per se, just someplace I could shoot, get good internet, have the Amazon dropped off at the gate, go to town monthly for supplies. This redoubt was going to be first in MT or WY, before I remembered winter. Then it adjusted to NM, where it might be a bit warmer.

Now? It's a trailer in a park in Mesa, like my aunt had, where the residents get around on golf carts inside the park and play cards while they drink themselves to a small stupor by 9pm on brandy and soda. That's about what I'll get, if I'm lucky, but at least it won't be -15F in the morning like it was today ever again.