Saturday, May 07, 2022

A Gift From Nature

      The first lawn mowing of the season has come and gone, and with it all the tiny, white flowers with hints of pink.  The violets rebound (and so do any overlooked dandelions) but the five-petaled white flowers are gone for the year.

      So I was surprised to walk from the back yard to the front and see clusters of small white flowers, a bit larger than the ones that were mowed down last week.  They have four-lobed (actually six) petals, too.  I took a closer look.

      On a walk through the neighborhood in an earlier stretch of warm weather, I had noticed white violets in a few yards.  Yes, the same kind of wild-growing weed-violets, but white instead of purple.  And now we've got them too.  The yard has patches of white and patches of purple, along with a few yellow wild strawberry blossoms and the tiny, lighter-purple, almost blue flowers on the Creepin' Charlie.

      Sure, they're weeds.  I still like them.

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Cop Car said...

I'm envious of your white violets. Lovely!