Tuesday, May 17, 2022

OMG, What If I'm Not -- Kewl?

      Now, commenters are warning me that they might not sit with me at lunchtime!

      Guys, I eat lunch alone.  Always have.

      I get that a lot of the Right and the Libertarian Right has jumped down a fantasy rabbit hole, but I'm not even slightly inclined to follow.*  And it doesn't matter if a lot of people agree with my analysis, or if no one does.  We count votes to determine large-scale imponderables -- what kind of nitwit we want representing us in local, state and Federal legislative bodies, what kind of nitwit we want in the various Executive offices, and the election or retention of some judges, many of whom are nitwits or at least lawyers who failed to attract clients.  They're not great and at any given time, at least half of us dislike them, but it's what we've got.  Better voting for a selection of mostly-temporary nitwits than Leaders-for-life.

      Matters of personal belief or personal opinion aren't up for a vote, and if you change yours to run with "your crowd," well, a lot of people do, but I don't.  I look at the facts, I look at why I think things are factual and if that can be tested, and I make my own conclusions.  And yes, I look at my own tastes and my own opinions -- just as anyone does.  I don't care if that leaves me nodding along with most of the people around me, or on the front steps in my bathrobe yelling at clouds.

*  *  *
     Another commenter complains, "you chose to censor anyone who disagreed with you."  Nope.  I won't publish comments that are promoting racism or pernicious nonsense.  That's not "censorship," they can go publish that stuff elsewhere or shout it on streetcorners.  Or scribble it on their rifle like a loser.  I publish comments that disagree with me that do have some basis in fact, or that at least don't assume large-scale domestic villainy on the part of groups of Others.  ("Devil theory" thinking is a sure-fire indicator of bullshit.  The Bad Guy tends to be more symptom than cause, and the GOP's current Magic 8-Ball is a fine example of that: take him away and there are a half dozen others eager to step into the role.)  If you're not getting published here, it's because I think what you are writing is crazy or irrelevant.  If that stings, the treatment for it is to go publish elsewhere; I haven't put a gag on you.  I certainly don't owe anyone a forum on my own blog except myself.
* Most Nolan Chart tests I have run put me at top center, neither Right nor Left.  My parents were lifelong Republicans, socially conservative (but tolerant if you kept the shades firmly drawn), patriotic, fiscally conservative, commonsensical and interested in current events.  They snickered at conspiracy theories -- and Richard Nixon resigned while I was in High School, so there was plenty of conspiracy BS around.  Mom and Dad didn't fall for it and I doubt they'd've fallen for the craziness their party has leaped into, either.  The party of Donald Trump has very little in common with the party of Gerald Ford except for the name.  I can't pull anyone back from the brink but I will continue to point out that they're dancing on the edge of a volcano.


RandyGC said...

I keep coming here specifically because we don't agree on everything. I try not to live in an echo chamber.

Although, dang you, you sometimes make me think and re-examine my position, which, even if I determine that I was correct in the first place, is work and can be uncomfortable. Lot's of folks just don't like having to do that.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not "kewl", and I don't agree with all of your viewpoints, but that's a small bucket. I wouldn't have any issue eating lunch with you. Your commentaries on Mister Orange Hair and all of the threads emanating therefrom, are dead-on.

I had never contemplated the concept of politicians being lawyers that couldn't attract clients. Kind of a corollary to "those that can't, teach".

We've had TP shortages and baby formula shortages. Why no shortages of tinfoil?

Roberta X said...

In all seriousness, judges are quite often drawn from the pool of people who became lawyers -- and didn't much like the work. Some of 'em had set out to be judges from the beginning, but a good many had a law degree, no other high-level skills and a need of steady work. And, to be fair, most of them do okay. It's not physically demanding but it's not easy work.

I think we set the bar too high. Too many people want philosopher-kings or god-emperors. What I expect from politicians is that they are not notably crooked and don't screw up too badly or too often. I don't think they'll get things slap-on right very often, but I expect them to not be too far wrong. And I want 'em to show up on time most days and put in a full day's work. I understand that a certain percentage of them will have whacky ideas, but they've got to be able to work and play well with their peers and their staff.

Come to think of it, even that is a lot.

Anonymous said...

Not quite fair to judges: a lot of them are former trial lawyers who were at it long enough to know most of the tricks of the trade but got tired of the long hours/immense pressure of eg murder trials. And once you're a judge you know the losing side will appeal anything they can, and you don't want to get known as the judge always being reversed by the DCA. So there's plenty of reason to put in the work to make sure you get it right.

As for the people complaining about you not letting their comments through--just remind them they're perfectly free to start their own blog in which they can "censor" your comments.
Jeffrey Smith

Mike V said...

"In all seriousness, judges are quite often drawn from the pool of people who became lawyers -- and didn't much like the work."

Actually they go to work for the state or federal government as legal advisors or staff attorneys, at least the ones I know did. Less work and hassle than being a judge and more job security.

rickn8or said...

"We've had TP shortages and baby formula shortages. Why no shortages of tinfoil?"

Because tinfoil is washable and reuseable?