Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Hi, Bye

      Not much to report, other than I am completely swamped in routine (and non-routine) housework, paying work, next door cat care and wound care.  Filled my car up yesterday evening, at over five bucks a gallon for high-test, and what I want is a Vlad Putin "I did that" sticker.  Without his halfwitted war, we might be paying more for gas, but it wouldn't be anywhere near this much more.

     My injuries appear to be healing okay so far.  I was overdue for routine blood work when that happened and I had put it off.  It requires fasting for twelve hours before, which is no fun.  But here I am, enjoying a nice water and no vitamins, getting ready to shower and go annoy the long-suffering lab tech.

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Anonymous said...

Someone I know went for blood work last week and managed to sideswipe the adjacent car when maneuvering into the parking spot.
Having asked at reception if they could notify the owner, insurance details were exchanged etc.

Upon being called in for the blood-draw, guess who the phlebotomist was?